The Rhodesian Soldier

Ministry of Internal Affairs (Intaf), Rhodesia

​Upon completing my secondary education at Thornhill High in Gwelo, I joined Intaf in January 1975, my first station being Karoi (Urungwe district). The following year I did my National Service as IANS 4, and was stationed at Ft Harrison on the Angwa River, Zambezi Valley, Sipolilo. Towards the end of the year I transferred to Mt Darwin for a few months before commencing three years at the University of Rhodesia to read for the Bachelor of Administration (Hons) Degree. At the end of this period, I was again stationed at Mt Darwin, seeing through the ceasefire and the Zimbabwe elections, for which I was the Returning Officer for Rushinga.

​Credits for the photos belong to the John White collection, Lewis Walter, Ministry of Information of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe and my own.