In May 2017, I was honoured to be asked by Hennie Heymans, a retired brigadier of the former South African Police (SAP), to become a regular columnist in Nongqai, a top-quality, full-colour electronic magazine compiled and published by him.

Resident in Pretoria, South Africa, and an MA graduate in National Strategic Studies, Hennie states: ‘Our goal is to collect and record our national security history for publication in the Nongqai for future generations.’

Nongqai, erstwhile printed journal of the SAP first published in 1907, is now a digital instrument for the sharing and preservation of Southern African and international military history, specialising in that of the SAP. My column articles have all been about Rhodesia’s military history.

A visit to their recently launched website,
South African Mirror – managed by webmaster Glenn Elsden – is an absolute must for anyone with even the slightest interest in things military! 

Historical Section, which stores a range of fascinating ‘articles of historical significance’, may also be of particular interest to those of you interested in Southern African military history.

This is without doubt the most professional and comprehensive online magazine of its type – rich in fact and photo. You will not be disappointed!

South African Mirror and Nongqai Magazine Online

The Rhodesian Soldier