The Rhodesian Soldier

Matabele Rebellion Roll of Honour

I am privileged to have, in Bulawayo, a man who shares my strong interest in Rhodesia's military past. Not only has Alan Bryant found and photographed scores of headstones that I had been searching for, but he has, at his own expense, renovated and cleaned whole sections of the Bulawayo Cemetery,restoring the memory of our troops who died during the so-called Matabele Rebellion of 1896. And what an adventure it has proved to be...

With the help of the London Gazette and books by Frederick Courteney Selous' book, Sunshine and Storm in Rhodesia, Robert Baden-Powell's The Matabele Campaign 1896. Hernert Plumer's An Irregular Corps in Matabeleland, and D. Tyrie-Laing's The Matabele Rebellion, I have been able to use Alan's photo's to construct a Roll of Honour for the 116 men in uniform who died during the campaign. As an adjunct to this, I am also drawing up a catalogue which will include photos of virtually all the casualty headstones. Those in Gweru are stilll to be found and photographed.

Please click HERE to view this Roll of Honour.

I have split into two the graves catalogue to facilitate file downloading. You will see that each entry, where available, carries a headstone and/or memorial photograph, all by Alan Bryant who therefore has copyright. For A-L click HERE  and for M-Z click HERE.