The Rhodesian Soldier

Remembrance Sunday, UK

The 11th of November marks Armistice Day when the terrible carnage and waste of life was finally brought to an end. Here in the UK, the nearest Sunday to the 11th is the annual Remembrance Sunday.Remembrance.

In 2010, Tracey and I attended the ceremony Rhodesian in London, just around the corner from the main British ceremony near Westminster Abbey. Here, with regimental colours and standards hoisted with pride, a service is held to remember all Rhodesia's fallen over the years. A small plot measuring a couple of square metres is the focal point.

Since then, however, Tracey and I have been attending the ceremony in Bedford, first organised by RLI veteran Martyn Hudson. Why change? In Bedford we march with the rest of the British uniformed services through the streets of Bedford, striding out to the moving marches from the pipes and drums of a local band. The green and white flies proudly at the head of more than 100 Rhodesian vets as we march to the cenotaph and from there to the town square. We lay wreaths at the cenotaph on behalf of all our armed services. Sadly, in London this sort of recognition is still not forthcoming, requiring the remembrance of the large numbers of Rhodesians who died in two world wars fighting for Britain to take place as a side show.

The photos here are all my own, the first of the London ceremony, and the rest of Bedford. You will notice that Intaf is well represented in Bedford - red berets, slouch hats, distinctive ties and our own standard.